We can all agree that sandwiches are underrated. However, the case is a bit different in Dallas because it's a meal people take almost daily.

The good thing about this place is that you can never lack a spot serving fresh and delicious sandwiches in Dallas. Our list here highlights noteworthy places to get the best sandwich in Dallas plus more of the best delis in Dallas.

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Uncle Uber's
Restaurant $
2713 Commerce Street, Dallas TX, 75226
Uncle Uber’s is an award-winning shop for serving the best Sandwiches in Dallas. Since its inception in 2011, this favorite spot for many has been upping the game of giving you hot, fresh, and homemade sandwiches.
Uncle Uber's is always ready to serve you great-tasting and healthy sandwiches at lunchtime and dinner. Twelve different kinds of sandwiches are on the menu, including the shaved ribeye steak. Locals have nicknamed the sandwiches here "sammiches," probably because of how fine they are.
6912 Snider Plz, Dallas TX, 75205
East Hampton is a very popular sandwich spot in Dallas. On the menu, you can get the grilled chicken sandwich, honey chicken sandwich, or Meyer lemon chicken sandwich. All their sandwiches are well made, and the taste is top-notch.
On every bite you make, you can tell there is a good balance between the tangy mustard seed and sweet honey. You can order the local craft beer and wine to go with the sandwiches.
New York Sub
3411 Asbury St, Dallas TX, 75205
If you are craving delicious and fine sandwiches, you can get them from the New York Sub. This spot specializes in serving you the best sub sandwiches in Dallas.
To make their sandwiches, they incorporate only natural meats and locally-made products. They bake their bread in-house, so you can expect everything to be as fresh and delectable.
Village Baking Co. Boulangerie
1921 Greenville Ave, Dallas TX, 75206
Village Baking is a must-visit spot for great sandwiches in Dallas. The place has been making good pastries over the years, so you can expect to find the freshest sandwich here. The Village Baking is a perfect spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
310 W 7th Street, Dallas TX, 75208
You'll love the grilled cheese sandwich from Dallas grilled cheese. They have other eclectic sandwich selections on the menu that you can never get enough of. While here, make sure you try the parmesan-crusted grilled sourdough, crumbled bacon, and Dijon mustard – You'll love them!