You've only had good food once you've tasted mozzarella sticks!

Breaded and baked till crunchy on the exterior and melty in the middle, mozzarella sticks are long delicious chunks of cheesy goodness. They are typically accompanied by marinara sauce on the side for dipping.

Now, if you are already drooling and planning to step out and get this indulgent treat for yourself, here’s where you can find the most delicious mozzarella sticks in Dallas restaurants

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Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. | Mockingbird Station
5319 East Mockingbird Lane, Dallas TX, 75206
For inventive grilled cheeses and sticks in Dallas, come to this spot!
As you order their mozzarella sticks, get a side of their DGC old-world tomato basil soup or ketchup to pair with it. It is such a perfect and irresistible combo! Their mozzarella sticks go for only $5, so it's super affordable!
Twin Peaks Restaurants
Bar & Restaurant $$
5321 Mockingbird Sation Ste 240, Dallas TX, 75206
When it comes to the food, Twin Peaks never pulls any punches. It doesn't matter if you're coming in for lunch, happy hour, or dinner; the menu features meals cooked from scratch and can sate even the most voracious appetites.
Do you have cravings for tasty mozzarella sticks? Twin Peaks make them the best way they know how. The Texas-sized cheese sticks, packed with a ton of melty mozzarella and fried to a flawless golden brown, are a dish that can never go wrong.
Maple Leaf Diner
Restaurant $$
12817 Preston Road, Dallas TX, 75230
Are you a lover of cheese sticks? Give Maple Leaf a call today or head over there. Their hand-breaded mozzarella sticks are exceptionally prepared and served with marinara or ranch. Another good thing, they only go for $8.99.
111 Continental Ave, Dallas TX, 75207
Are you having one of those dull life moments? All you need is a crispy snack to lighten up your mood.
Mozzarella sticks at Italia Express are greasy, gooey wonders of crispy, cheesy goodness. If you want a bite of these scrumptious treats, visit this popular Miami restaurant to satisfy your cravings.
Mimi's Pizzeria
3028 N Hall St, Apt 179, Dallas TX, 75204
You can never go wrong with Italia Mimi's Pizzeria fried mozzarella sticks.
Made with the finest ingredients and, of course, with love from the best chefs in town, this appetizer is perfect for preparing your stomach for a hearty meal. You can order-in or on the go!