Dallas is known for its love of chicken and waffles, especially when it is served up fancy and at a trendy restaurant. These places should be able to provide you with that perfect pairing of crunchy fried chicken and pillowy, syrup-drenched waffles.

Check out this list of the Best Places To Eat Chicken and Waffles in Dallas and let us know which spot is your favorite!

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Restaurant $
1200 Main Street #100, Dallas TX, 75202
Choose from traditional wings or fried tenderloins sandwiched between two waffles, served with a healthy sprinkling of powdered sugar on top at Wingbucket Dallas.
Ida Claire
Restaurant $
5001 Belt Line Rd, Dallas TX, 75254
Ida Claire in Dallas serves chili-dusted watermelon slices and three wedges of thick waffles, and their fried chicken legs may make you forget your manners.
Brick & Bones
2713 Elm St, Dallas TX, 75226
Brick & Bones serves a gently spiced, perfectly fried chicken. The extra-juicy, soft-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside waffles are already a hit, especially when smothered in piloncillo syrup.
Henry's Majestic
4900 McKinney Ave, Dallas TX, 75205
Henry's Majestic is very famous and clean place in dallas. Two large bars will provide patrons with a comfortable place to enjoy an array of elixirs, an eclectic...
Chicken Scratch
2303 Pittman St, Dallas TX, 75208
At Chicken Scratch in Dallas, buttermilk waffles are topped with thick cream gravy and buttermilk fried chicken, then doused in bourbon-infused maple syrup.
Public School 214
4.5  5 Rating (1)
3700 McKinney Ave, # 148, Dallas TX, 75204
Public School 214's juicy chicken is fried crisp, and the waffles in question are of the cornbread-green chile variety, adding a little savory spice.
The Standard Pour
2900 McKinney Avanue, Dallas TX, 75204
The Standard Pour's usual fried chicken is swapped for tender, tasty quail. The cheddar-spiked waffle is rich and fluffy, and a healthy pour of peppercorn gravy rounds out a perfectly decadent brunch plate.