It’s no secret that there is specific ebb and flower to the real estate market, especially when it comes to buyer preferences. Many buyers often have concerns about when exactly to list their home for sale. If you are considering selling your home in Denton, below are some tips to help you choose the perfect time. 

May is Primetime 
It’s been statistically proven that May is the very best time of year to sell a home. In fact, across the country, the first two weeks in May sell for the highest offers and spend the fewest days on the market. Additionally, homes tend to receive the highest amount of buyer interest during the first two weeks that they are listed for sale and can be viewed on digital platforms. An ideal strategy would be to list your home right as April is ending in order to take advantage of May’s spike in buyer desire. 

Consider your Ideal Buyer’s Closing Objectives
Many buyers have personal objectives that lead them to need to close by a certain time. Consider the type of buyer you and your real estate agent believe is most likely to buy your home in order to get the most traction with buyers. Most of these entail closing on a home in summer. For example, parents with school-age children typically need to close on a house prior to the start of the school year. Additionally, if you live on a more rural home you may want to consider the seasonality of someone looking to buy a piece of property in the early spring. 

Get the Inside Scoop on Hyper-Niche Buyer/Seller Trends from your Real Estate Partner
Your real estate agent’s job is to sell your home for a great offer. However, part of that job is to also help you craft a strategic plan to garner you the best offer. That involves working with you to gain insight on very specific buyer trends that apply to your specific home. Save yourself the trouble of searching through dozens of the best Realtors® in Denton that may or may not be right for you. Instead, you can use Effective Agents. The website uses a specific algorithm that will take data about your home and match you with top agents in Denton that are best-suited to sell your home. 

Sell When You Are Ready
Lastly, the best time to sell is when you are ready! As you can see from the information above, there are definitely certain times that can garner more money and that should always be considered as part of your selling strategy. However, if your home isn’t fully ready, needs minor repairs or has a pressing issue like water damage, you will likely wind up leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Your house will also likely spend a great deal more time on the market, causing it to appear as a stagnant listing. Sit down with your real estate agent and weight the pros and cons of waiting several months to both make upgrades or repairs as well as how long you need to wait to hit another peak in the selling cycle.

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