By: Sally Baker

The Dallas Arts District is both a community and an organization which was created on January 26th, 2009 but has also resumed the work of the former Arts District Alliance which was established back in 1984. The organization represents the district by supporting the continued growth of the community by means of helping those in need that live within the neighborhood, as well as educating, stimulating and developing the local economy. The Arts District organization prides itself in serving the community and raises money in several ways from grants, sponsorships, donations and of course local events which are incredibly popular within Dallas and the surrounding cities.

Many plan their vacations around this area in order to experience the inspiring arts. With museums, sculpture centers, visual and performing arts, and so much more, the locals and visitors are given an added bonus of realizing that the buildings themselves are none other than architectural art.

Become a visitor, become a sponsor, but most of all become exposed to one of the most unique and inspiring districts in the country. This is one for the bucket list!