When it comes to celebrating Irish culture, Dallas got you covered! This place has many Irish beer selections for St Patrick’s Day, most of which can easily be found in local pubs and bars. 

Whether you are looking for traditional stouts or crisp lagers, here are some of the best Irish beers for St Patrick's Day in Dallas!

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Best Irish Beers to Try for St Patrick’s Day in Dallas

Harp Lager

Is it even St Patrick's Day celebrations if Harp Lager is not on the list? This crisp and refreshing beer is perfect for St Paddy. It is bright gold, but let this not fool you! The taste is light and clean, making it ideal for people who fear bitter beers.

Grab this drink at the Idle Rich Pub in Uptown, Dallas!

Longueville House Cider

Looking for something unique to mark St Patrick’s Day celebrations? Then we highly recommend trying the Longueville House Cider for a sophisticated cider. It is crisp, bright, and dry, a perfect switch from the usual sweet beers.

If this sounds like your dream beer to mark St Paddy, head to Trinity Hall Irish Pub to purchase!

Caffrey’s Irish Ale

This creamy and smooth beer is a St Patrick's Day celebration staple. It delivers a sweet but slightly bitter taste, making it a perfect combo for you to get drunk. You can't miss this drink at Deep Ellum Brewing Company during their St Paddy bar crawl event.

Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale

To those who cannot handle bitter and dry beers, here's something that will easily pass through your throats. The Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale is a smooth, creamy, and slightly sweet beer with a hint of bitterness.

It goes perfectly well with most Irish fares, such as shepherd's pie and chips. Get this drink at Elm Street Bar Live, Playground Bar Uptown, Primo’s MX Kitchen & Lounge – Uptown, and other locations hosting St Patrick's Day bar crawl events.

Beamish Irish Stout

Here is another unique Irish beer to try for St Patrick's Day. Beamish Irish Stout is a smooth and creamy stout with a lightly sweet taste. It also features some chocolate and coffee hints. 

Sounds like the perfect beer for you? Go to Rex’s Seafood at the Dallas Farmers Market and Electric Shuffle. These spots are participating in bar crawling for St Patrick's Day, so you'll most likely find the beers here!

That’s it! You have your St. Patrick’s Day celebration all set and aligned now.

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