There are many opportunities for finding a full-time job in Dallas. Currently unemployment in Texas, at approximately 8%, is below the national average. Being a large city, with a population of about 1.3 million, there are jobs in Dallas and large employers that will offer top paying job opportunities from entry-level positions to highly technical ones that will not be available in a smaller town. There is a strong economic base beginning with Fortune 500 companies, the banking and commerce industries, as well as with the oil industry. More recently, computer technology and the telecommunications industries have been added to this base. In addition, The Dallas/Ft Worth International Airport provides many employment opportunities not available elsewhere. Dallas jobs are both plentiful and offer exciting opportunities you might not find in other cities. 

In downtown Dallas, you will find many different types of businesses from fast food establishments, to upscale restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, and bars as well as business complexes, department stores, and malls. All these are service industries that are presently hiring from entry level all the way up through management positions.

Health care industry jobs in Dallas are plentiful. Dallas has excellent hospitals and private practice physicians’ offices where there are medical personnel as well as office support opportunities available. Do not overlook the growing needs of home health care companies and nursing homes for qualified staff members. The home health care sector is growing rapidly.

With many jobs in Dallas and surrounding areas being available, new residents are coming into the cities that now need housing. Real estate sales and rentals are booming! Positions as a Realtor, and support personnel in real estate offices are in high demand. In addition, apartment complexes are hiring leasing agents as well as maintenance personnel for their properties.

Finding a full-time job in Dallas should provide exciting opportunities for you. There are many positions available, from working in downtown Dallas to working in one of the adjoining smaller communities. Besides offering excellent employment opportunities, this is a wonderful place to live and to raise your family. There are many Dallas jobs available because the city is growing.