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Sangria | Premier Mediterranean Tapas and Bar in Knox Henderson

Exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and tapas might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to restaurants in Dallas, but don’t be fooled.  There’s always a place like Sangria Tapas Y Bar in Knox Henderson to show you … Read More

Best Mexican Restaurants in Dallas | Fast, Casual, Contemporary

In a dining mecca like the Dallas/Fort Worth area, great Mexican restaurants abound all throughout the city.  From the upscale and modern to traditional hole-in-the-wall eateries, Mexican restaurants in Dallas are just as varied and eclectic as its diverse population. … Read More

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A bit north of downtown Dallas you?ll find the area known as Knox-Henderson, which is actually named after two streets that run through Central Expressway. Full of antiques, upscale shopping, a variety of restaurants and martini bars, the Knox Henderson nightlife as well as daytime events provides something for everyone to do. Familiar places include Pottery Barn and Cheesecake Factory but don?t be afraid to try something new. The Barley House, Candle Room, and Cuba Libre Caf are well worth stopping in! Knox Henderson shopping has a lot of interesting and unique things to offer! This area is also one of the oldest in Dallas. Much of it was built in the 1920?s and historical preservation was undertaken in the 1990?s to help keep the district ready for visitors. Knox-Henderson nightlife includes many themed clubs which always remain busy on weekend nights. If you are traveling, the area is also easy to reach from US 75. Transportation isn?t much to worry about. The Knox-Henderson district is only a few blocks long. Many people just park their cars and hop from bar to bar, or shop to shop.