Dallas is best known for its rodeos, barbeque, and wide-open landscapes. While coffee is low on the list, we’re here to tell coffee aficionados that Dallas coffee deserves reconsideration.

Excellent coffee is now more accessible than ever in Dallas. For those searching for a quick caffeine fix, the stores have become more Instagram-worthy, remote-work-compatible, and grab-and-go-friendly.

For immaculate lattes, super-strong iced coffee, light lunches, pastries, and, of course, atmosphere, visit one of these must-see Dallas coffee shops.

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Ascension Coffee
4.7  5 Rating (2)
1621 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas TX, 75207
If you also believe that coffee is a blend of art and science, Ascension is the place for you. To ensure high quality, they use software to track and sample each roast from their roastery.
It is an authentic, warm, and relaxed place where you can feel at home. The best thing is that they serve your order on the table, so you do not have to leave your laptop unattended while ordering.
Go with their classics - craft coffee and lattes. They also serve a must-try combo of harvest bowl with a pear matcha latte.
White Rock Coffee
Restaurant $$
10105 E NW Hway, Dallas TX, 75238
White Rock Coffee is where you should stop next. More than you could want from a coffee shop is available on the White Rock coffee menu. While you can find typical beverages, the unique creations always stand out. These are usually extravagant beverages you may not see in any other coffee shop.
Their roomy, inviting seating area is ideal for working or studying while enjoying your coffee.
Magnolias Sous Le Pont
2727 N Harwood St, Dallas TX, 75201
It's time for a quick French lesson. The phrase "Sous Le Pont" means "under the bridge". It is where you’ll find this quaint tiny café, under a Harwood District bridge. It's a feast for the senses as the aromas drift out of Avoca Coffee Roasters' delicious creations.
Pick up a breakfast snack and a Lavender Love Latte in the morning. A Ham and Butter Sandwich and a Turmeric Latte will serve you right in the afternoon. And stop in for a caffeinated drink to-go after shopping at night.
Murray Street Coffee
Restaurant $$
103 Murray St, Dallas TX, 75226
Murray Street Coffee Shop is at Murray Street, as one might expect! This wonderful, cozy coffee shop has a friendly atmosphere and is open and airy. Even the walls have decorative artwork.
They offer various delectable coffee options in addition to tea and other beverages. "Haute" espresso and drip coffee are the local choices.
The Murray Street all-day breakfast menu is one of our favorite features. You'll enjoy their tasty egg sandwich. Hummus, tamales, and gluten-free bread are just a few of the vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free culinary alternatives they provide. Additionally, they provide dairy substitutes made from soy, almond, oat, and coconut.