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About Lower Greenville

Lower Greenville, the area adjacent to Greenville Avenue in east Dallas, has many well-known bars and restaurants, which makes Lower Greenville one of the hot spots for Dallas Nightlife. Before the Central Expressway (US 75) was built, Greenville Avenue was the main road throughout Dallas. Thus, Lower Greenville is filled with experienced shops and entertainment locations that are original to the area. When St Patrick's Day arrives, you will find a non-stop party in Lower Greenville which makes it the places to be, although the parade route actually goes through the upper part of the district. Some popular places to visit include Stan?s Blue Note, The Winedale Tavern, Blue Goose Cantina, and Dodie?s New Orleans Seafood. However, there are a ton of more places to choose from in the party and bar scene, so just take advantage of the various specials offered that evening and you?re sure to have a good time. When visiting the area you can stay at one of the hotels in Lower Greenville or in the nearby Downtown Dallas Hotels.